Why join our team?

We design makerspaces for communities

We do this by building relationships, listening to local people and understanding your aspirations. We believe community-led makerspaces create accessible and inclusive opportunities to develop skills.

Our services are designed with young people, employers and communities.

What we do

We invent possibilities. We partner with communities to create space for everyone to meet role models, access resources and nurture passion.

Our Mission

A makerspace in every community – a place where communities can meet role models, access technology and learning resources and can make informed decisions about career opportunities.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where all genders and people from Black and working-class communities are included in decision making. A future where lived experience is valued, and power is not given to individuals but shared by communities through resources and equitable opportunity.

Now more than ever, children and young people need our support to close the attainment and digital skills gaps. 

- Brightbox team

What you can expect from us

  • Onboarding process to learn about our programmes, partners the tools we use and get to know the team

  • All equipment needed to facilitate remote working

  • Access to training and support wherever you need it

  • Regular one-to-ones

  • Flexible working

  • 3% Pension contribution

  • 28 days holiday pro rata

Our application process:

Do you need adjustments to the application process?

We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process for candidates that have an impairment, disability, or learning difference. If you would like to discuss alternative application and interview formats, or any support you need, please get in touch with Kisha at hello@brightboxmakerspace.com.

We continue to learn and change to be more inclusive. This application process is under continuous review and we welcome any feedback and links to organisations you think are smashing it! As of 19 February 2021, this is our process:


  • This is not required. It is a way for you to ask us questions in a group setting.

    Questions and answers will be recorded and added to a FAQs section on this webpage.

  • CV, cover letter and the following questions:

    1. What valuable contributions do you think you could make toward our mission?
    2. Which aspect of the job role excites you the most and why?
    3. What other skills, experiences or unique perspectives do you hope we’d ask you about in your interview?
    4. What areas of the role will you need training and support with? This will not be used to score your application.

    We will anonymise applications to be reviewed by the Brightbox board, young people participating in our programmes and relevant partners. Kisha, our CEO, and Kristie, our Impact Manager, will be reviewing all applications. We remove details about qualifications (including University degrees) – we’d like you to demonstrate why your qualifications are important: what did you create? What did you learn? What are you passionate about? What are your thought processes?

  • We’ll send you an email confirming we’ve received your application and next steps.

  • You’ll be sent one of two emails:

    1. Invitation to a conversation with details of what we would like to learn from you. This is not a test. We think it’s best if you have time to think about how you’d like to respond to our questions. We’ll do our best to respond to your questions too.
    2. Feedback as to why your application will not move forward. We expect a lot of applications for this position. The feedback may be brief. We are providing it because we know how valuable feedback has been in our personal lives.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be notified when they are shortlisted with a task to complete in their own time, in preparation for the interview. As we value everyone’s time and ideas, each shortlisted applicant will be paid a real living wage for completing our task, which will take up to half a day.

  • Bookable time slots at 10am, 1pm and 6pm. The format will be by video call. Two staff members and a young person will conduct the interview. If these dates and format do not work for you, we can discuss alternatives.

  • We’ll let you know the outcome of our decision, why, any follow up information and next steps.

Employment Vacancies

Schools Delivery Lead

As our Schools Delivery Lead, you will be responsible for the delivery of the Brightbox School events, workshops and courses programme.

Through your role within the team, you’ll support the wider initiative to advocate for access to learning and skill building opportunities at hyperlocal venues across South Yorkshire.

You will champion Brightbox while working with community, individuals and partners. You’ll continuously improve your methodologies and delivery approach to be community-led, strengths based and inclusive of diverse lived experiences.



We’re a small team – we all take on responsibilities outside our job descriptions to support the success of projects for our communities. On occasion, you may be asked to support work beyond this list of responsibilities.

The Makerspaces Programme Manager will lead on 2023/2024 schools programme delivery. They will work across our team and community partners to facilitate a successful programme.

·         Follow internal processes and procedures to ensure safe delivery of activities in regard to safeguarding, health and safety.

·         Follow internal processes and procedures for managing programme budgets.

·         Represent Brightbox values at events ensuring all participants and partners feel included and represented.

Who we’re looking for: 

We’re looking for someone who is proactive, eager to learn and willing to jump straight into programming with a full schedule of programme delivery. You will be supported by the wider team and have a budget to support activity.

You'll need to have experience designing inclusive services and be able to think creatively, understand budgets, and be passionate about inclusive learning opportunities. 

You will also be someone that: 

  • Is able to persuade and influence decisions 
  • Has an understanding of and interest in inclusive youth employment, reskilling or upskilling 
  • Can manage their own workload and time 
  • Thrives when working independently  
  • Understands the importance of communicating with the rest of the team 
  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced environment 

It’s important that people applying for the role understand why our programmes and projects are important. We would love to hear from applicants who have either of the following: 

  • Lived experience or an understanding of systemic racism in accessing careers for Black and Brown people 
  • Lived experience or an understanding of barriers faced by marginalised genders and people from working class backgrounds when accessing careers 
The details 

£25,000 - £28,900 per annum dependent on experience for 30 - 35 hours/week

4% pension contribution for first 6 months, increasing to 5% and then 1% each year up to 10%. 

Working week:
30 - 35 hours / week
Flexible working hours
Brightbox has a 30-hour workweek with the understanding that summer months may require a few more hours.

6 weeks holiday including bank holidays 

Contract type:

Fixed term contract to April 2024 with potential to extend

Possible start date:
August 2023 


DMC 01

County Way

Barnsley S70 2JW


Carers’ Garden



S71 1AN


We’d love to hear from applicants that represent the communities we work with and welcome applications from young people, Black and Brown people, marginalised genders, and people who have a disability, impairment or learning difference. We are a team that values lived experience at all levels of our organisation. 

To apply, click this link: https://brightbox.org.uk/apply/


Arts, Digital and Creative Facilitators

Makers-in-residence will learn from a variety of facilitators working across arts, culture, digital and creative industries. Combining their learnings from facilitators with their own interests and the aspirations of their community, they will design a programme of activity at Dodworth and Worsbrough libraries


We follow Artists Union England guidance for day rates. For more information visit their website here. The following is a guide of what we expect for 1 day delivery and 1 day preparation inclusive, materials and travel excluded:

Up to 3 years’ experience: £325

3-5 years’ experience: £425

5+ years’ experience: £525

We will consider individuals and groups.

We can cover the costs of equipment and materials. Please provide and estimate of equipment and materials. We have £20,000 to spread across 120 hours of activities. We understand some activities may cost nothing and others will require a larger upfront investment in reusable equipment and materials.




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