Becoming a member

We have four different membership tiers on a sliding scale. You can read about why we think its important to offer our membership on a sliding scale here.

Once you become a member you can borrow any of the items in our inventory for free.

There is the choice to pay monthly or for the year. If you opt for a annual membership you get the equivalent of two months free.


For refugees, those seeking asylum, and the unwaged

Monthly: £0
Yearly: £0
Free Membership

Low Income

I sometimes worry about paying bills but have some savings

Monthly: £3
Yearly: £30
Low Income


I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs

Monthly: £10
Yearly: £99
Standard Membership

Pay it forward

I meet the criteria of the above but want to use some of my disposable income to pay it forward to cover the cost of a membership for someone who can’t afford it

Monthly: £21
Yearly: £199
Pay It Forward Membership