We want our tools to be accessible as possible so that everyone has access to the tools they need to start a project, do some DIY, or simply have a go at something!

Brightbox recognises that money is a barrier to access to many, so we’ve implemented sliding scale pricing on our membership tiers.

We have also updated our prices so that there is now no cost when you borrow an item. All you have to pay is the monthly or annual membership fee.

As a black and brown run organisation making these changes are a way we can apply our anti-racist agenda:

“When we offer sliding scale, we are acknowledging the various forms of systemic oppression result in economic disparity and seek to mitigate a financial barrier to entry that members of our community may experience.”

We ask that you be honest with yourself about your financial situation. If you buy a membership at the lower end when you can afford the higher tier, it makes it harder for us to provide for those who need it. We have 4 tiers available, free, low income, standard, and pay it forward. We understand that many people may not be able to afford a membership even if they fit into one of the paid tiers, please get in touch with us if that is the case.

When determining what membership tier to purchase, please consider the following:

  • Your socioeconomic position / current income
  • How you may have benefitted from generational wealth
  • Your education / power in workplace or industry
  • Whether you are supporting family financially or as full time caregiver
  • Your race / immigration status
  • Your sexuality / gender identity
  • Your physical ability

BASIC NEEDS include food, housing, clothing, and transportation.

Credit given to Andro & Eve for this content.

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