We've got loads of tools in our hire library, and many of them have multiple uses! Read on to see a few of our favourites and what they can do...

Laser Distance Measure

Accurate measurements are the foundation of a great DIY project. The laser distance measure is perfect in ensuring a quick and effective way of measuring all kinds of things. You can use it to calculate the distance of 2 points and calculate volume. All of this can be done with a laser dot and sensor, so whether you are planning a room, fixing windows or just building anything in general, the laser will come in handy. In addition, you can also add or subtract measurements, thus allowing you to efficiently measure multiple dimensions. This can be especially useful for interior designs or garden layouts as you can measure one distance and keep adding or removing additional distances to get the correct measurement. You are then able to save these measurements within the device in case you need them later. Now you don't need to use a traditional tape measure!

Multi Cutter

Are you looking for a multi-purpose tool to handle various DIY jobs? The multi cutter might be what you are looking for. The main function of the multi cutter is to saw and cut different objects or materials. This could include cutting materials to fit a specific size such as tiles and beams or to remove carpets or other similar things. Some other cool functions include the ability to sand objects. Great uses of this can include sanding different materials like wood and metal, which can allow for enhanced adhesiveness to give your DIY jobs a more appealing look. It can also be used to polish surfaces like metal, wood or even plastic which can be useful to bring out a smoother appearance for your materials, allowing for greater detail. A must have for any home improvement job!

Handheld Pressure Washer

Keeping things clean in general fosters better health and care for your items. The handheld pressure washer is a handy gadget which can allow you to clean anywhere with a source of water. This is perfect If you have any light cleaning as you can clean bikes, clean your car tyres and even your shoes which are likely to be worn most of the time. It’s also a great gadget to use in the garden, especially for cleaning your patio of any mud, dirt, algae or stains. Other good uses can be to clean outdoor furniture such as patio chairs and tables. Now you can always have a fresh and clean garden by using this wonderful gadget on a daily basis. With 2 pressure settings of high and low, you can change the intensity to whatever suits you best. The high setting runs at a pressure setting of 24 bar with a maximum run time of 16 minutes, whereas the low setting runs at a pressure setting of 6.5 bar with a maximum run time of 25 minutes. It also has a 75-minute fast charger meaning that you can use this gadget throughout the day for your light cleaning for whenever is convenient!

Cricut Maker

Are you looking to make a range of cool and unique designs? Look no further, as the Cricut maker has a variety of functions. It can cut, write, draw and score on materials such as vinyl, paper and card, but also 300 other kinds of materials too! This Cricut maker also has a built in design software called "Cricut design space" where you can import designs to make products by using Bluetooth technology. Your designs can range from cards, decorations, stickers and merch, or even prototypes for your own business. Be as creative as you wish!

Cricut Heat Press

Since the Cricut maker is so cool, you might as well have something to pair that up with. The Cricut heat press is a device that uses heat and pressure to heat-transfer materials onto various surfaces. Examples can include fabrics, garments or other textile items. You can then use these materials to transfer and apply onto clothing designs, bags, backpacks and other small accessories. This can even be customised specifically for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas with various colours and unique artistic designs. It’s also great for any school projects you may have such as doing an art project, t-shirts, banners, logos, and graphics. It comes with an adjustable heat setting, thus you can adjust the temperature to match the requirements of your heat-transfer material. By using this alongside the Cricut maker, you can create a more fulfilling design of products and transform them into works of art!

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