Breaking Ground is for anyone aged 15 - 25 wanting to work hands-on, gain useful experiences, be creative or get your voice heard about the things that matter.

We host regular weekly workshops at the PXI Community Allotment on Herries Road (Norwood, Sheffield). We are bossed by our young people. They discuss and decide together what they want to see in their local community.

Each session is ran by different Role Models with different life experiences and backgrounds. They are chosen to fit with your future career interests, so its a great way to get 1:1 mentorship with people in industry. Even if you're still unsure about your future plans, that's perfectly ok! Everything we do has practical life skills and they're are plenty of opportunities to try out something new.

If you join you can expect things like...

Designing and building a clay pizza oven from scratch

Organising and running your own litter pick
(awarded opportunity)

Learn professional digital photography skills
(all photos on this page are taken by Breaking Ground)

Designing and building an outdoor kitchen

Maintaining plants, raised beds, composting and other gardening skills

Health & Safety training

And of course! Making and eating pizza!!


Your opinion matters

We value your contributions. It's not just a one way street, you can learn, train and be paid for it. It's not just good for your CV! It's experiences you take with you for real life - getting into work, further education or start your own business!

It's not just good for your CV - it pays...

You can become a paid member of staff for Brightbox, working as the Allotment Site Assistant. This opportunity is for anyone in the group. Every 3 months we rotate the role, and offer this opportunity to one of our young people who successfully apply for our role at the allotment.

Never written a CV before?

Don't worry! You'll be given 1:1 support on how to write CV. We know how challenging it can be - not one enjoys doing it but its a incredibly useful skill to have!

We're not all talk

Along with being responsible for supporting the running of community events, you will be paid the Real Living Wage of £9.50 per hour, typically 5-10 hours per week.

Don't just take our word for it...

"I am glad to learn how to invoice, a skill employees are looking for and the CV help is much better than what college offered"

"I feel like I have learnt a lot, how to build, teamwork and responsibility"

"The best part for me has been the hard work, its hands on and challenging but very rewarding. It has helped me work on the process of creating and gain different insights, particularly the ideas stage where different people see things differently. It has helped me channel my creativity into a project where I've seen it through from start to finish."

"The allotment has been a great opportunity to do something different and get out the house as something to look forward to."

"I've met new people, learnt new skills and diversified with new things, such as camera work."

Our next upcoming open day:
Saturday 9th October 10am

If you would like to chat more about what we do, please get in touch with Elle at

We'd love you to come down and see what we're all about

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