What food can I put in my compost bin? What’s that smell? Won’t it attract mice and rats? Join us for a two hour workshop to answer all your composting questions. You’ll learn how to get the right balance of ‘browns and greens’, when to turn and water your heap and when it’s ready to use in your garden and where. We’ll build a DIY compost bin together and discuss the pros and cons of DIY versus ready made compost bins.

This training is funded by PXI Community Allotments and is intended primarily to prioritise the people living and working in the Southey and Firth Park areas. However, we do have a few additional ‘Outside Area tickets’ for people outside these communities. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

At this workshop, you can learn these techniques and skills:

  • The basics of using a drill and hammer

  • Using a handsaw

  • Safety awareness

  • Browns, greens and what you should and shouldn’t add to your compost heap

  • Turning, watering and using your compost

What’s included:

  • All tools and material will be provided

  • Safe working practices

  • Introduction to tools and techniques

  • Personal protective equipment plus apron to wear

  • Unlimited answers to your questions

How to prepare:

  • Join our pre-event Whatsapp group (a link will be sent when you book)

  • Wear closed toe shoes and tie hair and loose items back

  • See our map to plan for public transport, taxi and parking on the day

Covid measures:

  • Socially distanced

  • Face masks

  • Own tools

  • Bring your own mugs/cups

  • Hand sanitizer and wipes

If you have any questions please email for further information: hello@brightboxmakerspace.com

Role models attending




Elle is a creative based in the lovely city of Sheffield. Elle is eager to grow, play and learn with each community. “Communities will be involved in all parts of design and delivery. Their voices will create the toolkit for co-created events and programming.”

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