Our vision: young people will inspire and channel the voices from their local communities. Through harnessing their skills, knowledge and experiences they will collaborate with the community to create exciting, relevant and ambitious activities and events for people and place-making.

What is the Maker-in-Residence Programme?

We are partnering with Barnsley College students to become Maker-in-Residence for their communities’ local makerspace in Worsborough and Dodworth.

This fantastic paid training opportunity will allow students to travel around the country visiting other makerspaces, access to an industry mentor with regular 1:1’s, forge deeper connections with their community, develop their portfolio and meet with over 50 Role Models from diverse backgrounds including entrepreneurs, engineers, techy fanatics, arty types and community comrades.

The Maker-in-Residence experience will be a taster for practical and cutting edge skills in digital technology. You will learn how to deeply listen to your community, with a ground-up approach to programming – co-creating 120 hours of relevant events to be enjoyed by the public.

The two themes of Innovation and Community are at the very core of the Brightbox programme.


How is this opportunity relevant to me?

You will learn a range of research and design methods alongside continual practical skills development. The training is backed by industry Role Models which will encourage other career experience opportunities. This will enhance your employability, communication skills and professional practice. While being a community champion.

Project Details

Number of places



Contact Time

Course Length

Course Dates





150 hours total

120 hours total

< 12 hours weekly

18 – 20 weeks

January – June 2022

£ 9.90 p/h

Travel costs covered

Dodworth & Worsborough

Information Pamphlet

Click to download the pamphlet below or access via browser here.

It is important to us that our programmes are accessible. Please let us know if you would like to submit your application in a different format – please contact Rachel,


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